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How often Should I Wash My Face?



Organic Facial Wash


Have you ever thought about washing your face the correct way?  Some might think being simple as splashing water is good enough.  Unfortunately, if you suffer from dry, acne-prone you will most likely need more than that. 

Cleaning your face the right way can help remove dead skin and dirt. Which  prevent breakouts leaving your skin healthy and feeling refreshing. 

These are some tips depending on your skin type.

  • Dry or Sensitive - Daily can prevent it from irritating the skin.  You may also want to use a cleanser that is an oil base.
  • Oily, Acne, - Twice Daily to remove some of the oil. However, no need to wash more than twice a day  it may start drying out your skin.
  • Combination - The Gift of both twice a day will do you just find

No matter what your skin type, using a natural cleanser like Devuché Energizer Facial Wash without harsh chemicals can prevent you from stripping your skin from its natural oils.  

Remember cleaning your skin is the first step to a healthy skincare routine.

This article is not expert advice.

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